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Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Ride Engine Dad Board 5’2” 2020
Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Ride Engine Dad Board 5’2” 2020
Ride Engine Dad Board

The first thing you notice when you see this board is how awesome it looks; it is truly a stunning piece of craftsmanship. Before I go into my experiences on the water, however here is what Ride Engine have to say about the Dad Board: “Don’t let the name fool you. This friendly, early planning, the rock-solid stable shape is…

Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Ride Engine Futura Surf 76 2020
Wings Foils SUP Surf Reviews - Ride Engine Futura Surf 76 2020
Ride Engine Futura Surf

Ride Engine’s Futura Surf Foil package is designed for both surf foiling and wingsurfing. The key thing to note here is the Manta 76 front wing which has a 1500cm2 area. This is on the smaller side (but by no means the smallest) so is ideal for lighter riders or windier days and going faster. As a surf foil, it…

2 weeks ago

It's #wipeoutwednesday! Pump foiling really isn't as easy as the professionals make it look. You'll have a laugh watching this. Which is the best stack?…

3 weeks ago

All the highlights from Day Three in Tarifa, where we saw the athletes participate in a surf-race and an epic, action-packed, expression session Find out…

4 months ago

The Wizard V3 Wind Foil Boards come in 3 all NEW shapes for 2021. 130L, 114, and 90L, each featuring quick release foil tracks allowing…

6 months ago

Wingsurfing has taken over and learning how to deep water start is a great skill to have under your belt. Team rider, Reed Brady, gives…

11 months ago

No caption needed!

1 year ago

When a one-board quiver isn’t an option, RIDE ENGINE'S SURF COFFIN is the answer! Capable of holding THREE 6’3” surfboards and all the extra gear…

Issue 6

It’s been around as we know it since 2015, but the origins date back much further than that. Thanks to a few dedicated pioneers the sport is going from strength to strength! We chat to Robby Naish, Raphael Salles, Tony Logosz and Rob Whittall about the boom of a sport and where it is headed. Find out about this incredible new sport and why you should get involved right here!

2 months ago
Issue 6

We’re going to be testing a large number of watercraft in this magazine, but this issue in between lockdowns we have a couple of wings, a proper all-round board for surf and winging and the Manta foil from Ride Engine. Click here to read the reviews...

2 months ago
Issue 6

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

2 months ago

Collaborative Evolution WHY IS OUR PRODUCT SPECIAL? All kite harnesses on the market today are soft meaning that they offer no structural support. When the kite starts pulling the harness wants to fold and crushes the rider's torso. Engine harnesses in contrast are built from a carbon composite shell that is rigid enough to stay open and not put pressure on the rider even when the kite is really powered. Basically the same idea as a spreader bar but applied to the whole harness instead of just the front. In addition because they are rigid they only fit one part of your back and thus don't ride up over the course of a session. Because they offer more support we have also been able to cut down on the overall size of the harness which offers more range of movement. Finally we can custom mold the shells to fit you perfectly and even add custom graphics. I have yet to have someone say that they liked their old harness better. History in a nutshell... What started out as weekend project to improve some gear has rabbit holed into a little company represented by the best riders in the world. Our first product is a line of hand crafted kite surfing waist harnesses. Each harness is based off of a custom molded carbon composite shell which gives better support than anything else on the market. Comfy as ****. Custom is encouraged. Made with love and stoke. GOON SQUAD OFFICIAL SURF Ian Alldredge Patrick Rebstock Sean Mertens Zach Goepel Teddy Lyons /?p=1 Mark Meidama Cynthia Cynbad Brown FREESTYLE Joby Cook Sam Light Aaron Hadlow Andy Yates Alex Fox Reed Brady Claire Lutz RACE Erika Heineken John Heineken To order please visit shop.ride-engine.com Space armor for ninjas 2011 Outdoor & sporting goods company

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