Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny

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3 days ago

THIS IS MAD! Kai Lenny claims this was, by far, the biggest backwash wave he's ever surfed! What is a backwash wave? If there is…

5 days ago

Who needs a tow-in when you've got a mate like Jesse Richman!

6 days ago

Stay tuned - new videos every Monday! Kai's latest video series documenting his adventures at home and across the world. It's all about having fun.

7 days ago

Kai Lenny taking full advantage of the wind and waves at Ho'okipa Beach Park. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, Wingsurfing & kite Trey boarding! Who knows if we…

7 days ago

APP Archive brings you the 2010 Brazil Tour Stop. This was their first time in Brazil and also the first time they got to meet…

1 week ago

Perfect Maui conditions with no wind are rare, especially for this time of the year. Kai Lenny makes the most of this potentially last good…

4 months ago

When a massive swell showed up in the forecast, just in time for the World Surf League's Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge, all eyes were on…

5 months ago

The 2020 Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge ran in massive waves and provided non-stop action for six hours straight, showcasing the best big wave riders in…

5 months ago

This is crazy! While there's nothing they can do on land that ultimately compares to handling a wipeout on a 50-foot + wave at Jaws…

5 months ago

Don't miss this exclusive inside look at the recent Jaws supersession, when Billy Kemper made one of the most insane barrels in Pe'ahi history and…

5 months ago

The spotlights on world-class waterman Kai Lenny!

Issue 5

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3 years ago
Issue 3

Casper Steinfath is a legend in our great sport, hailing from Denmark he’s a huge Viking with a big heart, we chat to him about racing, cold water and his third ISA World Championships win!

3 years ago

7X SUP World Champion 2013 2nd KSP Kitesurfing World Champion 10/08/1992 KAI LENNY Being a water athlete and growing up around the ocean it is something that is a part of life. Being born into a family that was at the beach all the time, I grew up having a few choices; to either play in the sand or get out on the water. Once I began surfing and catching waves on my own I was instantly excited and that was the beginning of what I would call my life's dream, to be a surfer. After getting my parents to take me to go surf everyday to the south shore of Maui, I was quickly turning into a surfer and someone who could only talk about one thing, and that was surfing! One thing is forsure, the reason I Windsurf, Kitesurf, Stand Up Paddle, Tow-in surf, Foil board, Canoe Paddle, Body surf is because I want to be a surfer 100% of the time, and having the most fun! I enjoy playing the Ukulele, it is a perfect travel companion! I really like capturing moments and making short films. Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.Muhammad Ali #thegreatest Sportsperson

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