Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny


2 days ago

Kai Lenny gets a last-minute call to surf Kelly's Wave Pool with Zion Wright and Jamie O'Brien. Was it worth the trip? Find out here!…

1 week ago

Kai & Ridge Lenny practice Jet Ski rescue training for Big Wave Surfing - watch this!

2 weeks ago

Who says surfing has RULES - Sure, etiquette is important in the lineup, but we all know not everyone plays by those rules. As far…

3 weeks ago

The longer the waves, the better they are for riding a Hydrofoil. Thankful they are sandy points so I could walk back to the top…

4 weeks ago

Before Kelly Slater's Wave Pool, these point breaks were the pinnacle of long perfect waves. Even though they're in the ocean these eight points feel…

2 months ago

Kai Lenny has been waiting his entire life for this fickle south shore wave to come to him. The last time it was this large…

2 months ago

Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, Eli Hanneman, and the rest of the best Maui chargers enjoyed back-to-back days of the Code Red II south swell lighting…

3 months ago

The World Premiere of PE'AHI is on July 10th at 8 pm at the Maui Film Festival. PE'AHI tells the story of a 12-year-old homeless…

6 months ago

Watch this compilation of the biggest wave's ever surfed in the world. Swell chasers, Tsunami, Code, Red, Jaws, Teahupoo, Peahi, Nazare, Cortes Bank, Mavericks, Waimea,…

6 months ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - Watch Kai Lenny, his brother Ridge and Ian Walsh fly to Mavericks in California for what's being hailed as…

6 months ago

Kai Lenny foiling big waves at Nazare? Here's something you don't see every day! If there is one word that defines Kai Lenny, it is…

7 months ago

It's not always perfect tubes and easy makes for Kai Lenny and the crew! #WipeoutWednesday

Issue 8

Wingsurfing looks set to dominate the watersports landscape; Rou Chater looks at ten reasons why he thinks it will be bigger than kitesurfing and windsurfing in a few years…

1 year ago
Issue 7

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

2 years ago
Issue 7

Some of the best movies from the website over the last month available for you to watch right here!

2 years ago
Issue 6

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

2 years ago
Issue 5

Images with no particular place to call home this issue!

5 years ago
Issue 3

Casper Steinfath is a legend in our great sport, hailing from Denmark he’s a huge Viking with a big heart, we chat to him about racing, cold water and his third ISA World Championships win!

6 years ago

7X SUP World Champion
2013 2nd KSP Kitesurfing World Champion

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