Olly Brunton

Olly Brunton

Pro Rider

2 months ago

Following up on Olly's recent Armtrong Foils 935mm performance mast review, here is a brief additional look at Armtrong Foils 795mm performance mast in use…

2 months ago

In response to three requests from Instagram users to review the newly released 935mm Performance mast, Olly Brunton has put together this review. It combines…

4 months ago

Join Armstrong Foil's Olly Brunton for a tow, prone and pump in Bali! The Armstrong foils High Aspect HA725 is emerging at the versatile foil…

5 months ago

Watch Olly Brunton Tow foil surfing Bali, Indonesia, on his Armstrong Foil CF950. So fluid and progressive. Perfect for Wave foiling with some speed, whether…

7 months ago

Olly Brunton just got his new CF1200 V2 from Armstrong foils and couldn't wait to take it for it's first run this morning in Vietnam.…

8 months ago

The run takes Oliver Brunton around 40-50 minutes and consists of a 5km offshore, 15km downwind foil run. Check out his tips below! To compensate…

8 months ago

Amstrong Foils' Olly Brunton takes us on an offshore prone downwinder using a kiteboarder as support - watch this! I thought I'd share how I…

10 months ago

Check out ¬†Olly Brunton's latest review of the largest High Aspect foil on offer from Armstrong Foils. The HA1525 is a scaled experience for those…

10 months ago

Armstrong Foils HA1525 brings the renowned glide and speed of the High Aspect range to riders over 86kg (190lbs). Ft Mateo Ell, James Jenkins, Tatiana…

11 months ago

Vietnam offers some stunning morning surf foil sessions and afternoon wing foil downwinders. With light wind and marginal swell, Olly Brunton grabs his HA1325 high…


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