Tom Court

Tom Court

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3 months ago

Tom Court shares a day in the life of social distancing! Some significant changes are going on at the moment, and it seems that the…

5 months ago

This is Urban Wing Skating! Tom Court tests his Carver Surf Skateboard and Duotone Wing up to the roads in some strong wind! It is…

5 months ago

Tom Court shares a little recap from 2019 and 2020 it's going to be a big one so stay tuned!

5 months ago

So over the last few years, Tom Court has put a lot of effort into learning to Hydrofoil surf and getting the right setup to…

6 months ago

In Tom Court's latest episode of #courtintheact, he takes his GoPro Hero8Black out to Fuerteventura to see what it can handle; foiling, surfing, wing foiling,…

7 months ago

Tom Court ditches his kite for the first time and goes for a foil surfing session at his homespot on #theactiveisland with his new Fanatic…

7 months ago

Tom Court tests out Fliteboard's Electric Foil in this one and even gets his dad involved, who had never tried one before! Impressed with the…

8 months ago

Tom Court shares his 5 top tips on how to dock start on a foil board - Having lovely blue warm water definitely helps this…

8 months ago

In this episode of #CourtInTheAct, Tom Court learns how to dock start on a foil and share's his top 5 tips when getting started!  Having…

9 months ago

Last week, Tom Court and Sophie Matthews had a Flite Board to put to the test and amongst all the excitement to get out on…

Issue 4

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the world; it is also a paradise for paddling! Tom Court and Colleen Carroll discover why in this excellent travel guide!

3 years ago

Check out my latest youtube productions ...2013 is looking to bring some exiting new project in the world of Kiteboarding!! This page is everything to do with what I get up to, where I ride and the events that I go to!! Sportsperson

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