Tom Court

Tom Court

Pro Rider | 17,000

5 days ago

Clément Rosevro is a guy with all the tricks up his sleeve. Have a look here to see an amazing Waterman doing his thing and…

2 weeks ago

Tom is one of the UK's biggest foil frothers. This video is a throw back of him and his Isle Of Wight Crew ripping around…

1 month ago

Tom Court has somehow manged to escape the UK in a time where many feel a bit stuck. He competed in the first Flite Cup…

1 month ago

Tom Court lives out one of his dreams and gets to tow foil Nazre. Join him and have a sneak peak behind the scenes at…

1 month ago

Join Tom Court as he takes place in the first ever E-Foil Flite Cup. Testing new kit This week has been a crazy one, a…

1 month ago

Don't miss Tom Court going at warp speed at the Fliteboard Cup in Portugal. I bet that would hurt if you fell off! I head…

2 months ago

Tom Court & Guy Cribb hit Old Harry Rocks on their foils! Wake foil surfing has changed the game in terms of the fun you…

2 months ago

In this weeks episode of #courtintheact, Tom Court heads over to the far side of the Isle of Wight just in time for the storm! Wing…

2 months ago

6 min of PURE stoke! Tom Court's on a mission in this one; to 'ride the apocalypse, escaping the COVID madness whenever he could! There…

2 months ago

Join Tom Court as he hits the waves for the first time with his 5m Echo. So is this what wing foil is all about!?…

3 months ago

Watch as Tom Court cruises his way around the Needles on his Flite Board. Looks like a fun place for eFoiling! Flite Board is a…

3 months ago

So wing foiling is now a proper thing!! Tom Court attends the first ever wingfoil event on the Isle of Wight, check it out! It's…

Issue 6

Some of the best movies from the website over the last month available for you to watch right here!

9 months ago
Issue 4

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the world; it is also a paradise for paddling! Tom Court and Colleen Carroll discover why in this excellent travel guide!

4 years ago

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