Tom Court

Tom Court

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3 days ago

Tom Court has just got his hands on an efoil to test and he makes it look SO FUN. Definitely worth a watch this but…

2 weeks ago

Tom Court goes on another foil surfing secret mission and it looks fun! Surf foiling opens up so many spots that you wouldn't even have…

2 weeks ago

Tom Court takes his new DJI FPV Drone out for a spin to film some winging on the Isle of Wight. So I got a…

4 weeks ago

Finding clean wind & tarmac for wingskating is a surprisingly difficult task! Tom Court does just that in his latest VLOG, from 6 minutes in…

1 month ago

Join Tom Court in his latest vlog as he rides the new Duotone Slick & looks at sports recovery. This week in my Vlog, that…

1 month ago

Tom Court tells us his story of an interesting experience while surfing..! Even a day in paradise can set you back if you start the…

2 months ago

Join Tom Court as he tow foils in Fuerteventura! In this episode of #courtintheact I get a call from Clement Roseyro who managed to get…

2 months ago

Something a little different in this video, Tom Court drives south on the island to make the most of sone strange wind conditions. Finding some…

2 months ago

Hydrofoils have opened up some insane possibilities on the water and Tom Court has been getting more and more into foil surfing. Once you have…

3 months ago

Tom Court heads to a rocky point in Coralejo to get some light wind winging in. Riding the Duotone Kiteboarding UNIT wing 5m and 95L…

4 months ago

When there is no wind, what do you do!? Well, surfing is a pretty good substitute and as I have been coming to fuerteventura for…

4 months ago

Would you hike down this cliff for a secret surf foil spot? This looks sketchy! Watch as Tom Court does that in the search for…

Issue 6

Some of the best movies from the website over the last month available for you to watch right here!

5 months ago
Issue 4

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the world; it is also a paradise for paddling! Tom Court and Colleen Carroll discover why in this excellent travel guide!

4 years ago

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