Tom Court

Tom Court

Pro Rider | 12,050

2 days ago

Pretty sure this hasn't been done before! This week, Tom, Court embarks on a new project: to make the worlds first surf mountain bike! He…

4 days ago

Tom Court taking full advantage of these sunset sessions before the winter kicks in! They loaded up the hydro foiling equipment and headed out on…

1 week ago

Tom Court has been sceptical when it comes to windsurfing... but is finally seeing the up-side!  Standing alone, in the middle of the Solent and…

3 weeks ago

Tom Court and pro mountain bike freerider's Sam Pilgrim and Tom Cardy team up for a session at Bristol's The Wave. Sam shows off his…

1 month ago

From the bog wave foiling last week, to the smallest wave foiling this week! Tom Court reckons it's one of the best things about riding…

2 months ago

Tom Court heads out on another sunset mission on the new Echo wing foil - check out the beer pass!

2 months ago

Pre-lockdown, Tom Court took a memorable trip to Fuerteventura with Guy Cribb and Dougie Newellfor the first big wave foiling he's ever done on the…

2 months ago

While some of us may have been feeling 'stuck' at home during this pandemic, Tom Court's not complaining! This week has been a week at…

3 months ago

You must be on it by now! Wingfoiling has taken over and the light wind Solent days on the Isle of Wight, has meant it…

3 months ago

In this weeks episode of #courtintheact, Tom Court and Doug check out the 'standing' tidal wave that happens just off the coast of the Isle…

3 months ago

Lockdown has forced us all to do some strange things over the last few months, and for Sophie, it has created a new buzz around…

4 months ago

We're used to seeing Tom Courts kiteboarding tutorials, so here's something a little different for you! Tom had a proper go at wingsurfing the other…

Issue 4

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and colourful cities in the world; it is also a paradise for paddling! Tom Court and Colleen Carroll discover why in this excellent travel guide!

3 years ago

Check out my latest youtube productions ...2013 is looking to bring some exiting new project in the world of Kiteboarding!! This page is everything to do with what I get up to, where I ride and the events that I go to!! Sportsperson

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