Hendrick Lopes

Hendrick Lopes

Pro Rider

2 months ago

Relive the 2023 GWA action from Cape Verde in this 25 min highlights video.

3 months ago

Cabrinha 04 has Arrived - Watch Cabrinha's 04 launch video NOW! Not all things are created equally, and neither should they be. We all have...

10 months ago

Welcome to the Cabrinha International team Hendrick Lopes! Oozing style and talent, Hendrick is the perfect fit for the Cabrinha team and embodies the #LiveFreeRideFree...

1 year ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - Oman is a Middle Eastern dreamscape where the wind blows night and day, sculpting endless waves of sand that...

1 year ago

COMING SOON! The Story of an odyssey in Oman searching for the wind featuring Mitu Monteiro, Maxime Chabloz, Paul Serin, Hendrick Lopes, Marcela Witt &...

2 years ago

F-ONE knows how to get us pumped for a new product. Check out the crew on the 2022 Foil Collection Feel more, ride better, experience...

2 years ago

For some people, the wind is synonymous with bad weather and prevents them from leaving home; for others, it is the best reason to go...

2 years ago

Watch the F-ONE Foil crew, including Marcela Witt, Charles Brodel, Hendrick Lopes, Hugo Marin, Mizo Fernando and Titouan Galea, showcase F-ONE 2022 2022 foil collection....

2 years ago

Passion, smooth performances, power and control, lightness, strength, and durability - That's the F-ONE Strike v.2! Its dynamic stability in flight makes everything easier for...

2 years ago

Stay tuned - F-ONE 2022 Foil Collection dropping 24.03.2022 Directed by Olivier Sautet

2 years ago

What a crew!! Watch Bowie van der Linden, Fabian Muhmenthaler, Titouan Galea, Marcela Witt, Chris Junior, Hendrick Lopes, Tom Hartmann, Hugo Marin, Chucho Nonnot, Francesco...

2 years ago

MANERA just released their 2022 SEAFARER wetsuits, so if you're on the hunt for a  new suit this season... you better check these out! Back...

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