Titouan Galea

Titouan Galea

Pro Rider

3 days ago

Titouan Galea talks us through F-ONE Rocket Wing, including its design, the shape of this foil and how he sees it. Find out more here!

1 month ago

Titouan Galea talks us through F-ONE's EAGLE. He explains the foil, its program, and when he likes to use it. Find out more here!

2 months ago

Titouan Galea has done it once again and released a jaw-dropping wingfoiling edit, and this time, from New Caledonia! It was nice to be back…

4 months ago

Jack out editor and tester absolutely loved the new Eagle wing from F-ONE, perfect for pumping, wing, surf, you name it! Check out the launch…

5 months ago

The third day of competition in Lanzarote offered a Surf-Slalom show for registered and local riders. Nia Suarez and Titouan Galea proved to be unstoppable…

5 months ago

Fifteen years ago, Titouan's father taught him to kiteboard in Le Morne. He often saw him go to One Eye, but he was too young.…

5 months ago

Day five lined up to be a similar day to the first, with not a cloud to be seen and scorching sun, it was only…

5 months ago

Day four presented similar winds to day three, with this being the case the crew ran the first-ever pump foil competition. Check out the highlights…

8 months ago

There's no doubt that Titouan Galea has wowed the wing world with his continual progression of the sport! Over the last two years, he has…

8 months ago

Watch the F-ONE Foil crew, including Marcela Witt, Charles Brodel, Hendrick Lopes, Hugo Marin, Mizo Fernando and Titouan Galea, showcase F-ONE 2022 2022 foil collection.…

8 months ago

F-ONE EAGLE HM CARBON foil lines are designed to bring you thrilling speed potential, incomparable downwind sensations, and everlasting cruising time above the water. See…

8 months ago

Stay tuned - F-ONE 2022 Foil Collection dropping 24.03.2022 Directed by Olivier Sautet

Issue 11

More images with no particular place to call home this issue...

9 months ago
Issue 10

Titouan Galea surf foils gigantic swell in Tahiti, then chases it to Maui for an all time wing session with Christian Barcellos

1 year ago
Issue 8

The Global Wingsports Association kicked off the 2021 season in Luecate recently. The Mondial Du Vent hosted the event, and Titouan Galea dominated proceedings on the new F-ONE Strike CWC wing; Jack Galloway gets the details...

2 years ago
Issue 7

What have a pro surfer, windsurfing world champion, freestyle kite champion and a kite racer got in common? They've all become pro wing surfers; we chat to Kauli Seadi, Maxime Chabloz, Titouan Galea and Fernando Novaes, find out what they love most about the wing.

2 years ago
Issue 6

It’s been around as we know it since 2015, but the origins date back much further than that. Thanks to a few dedicated pioneers the sport is going from strength to strength! We chat to Robby Naish, Raphael Salles, Tony Logosz and Rob Whittall about the boom of a sport and where it is headed. Find out about this incredible new sport and why you should get involved right here!

2 years ago
Issue 6

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

2 years ago

New-caledonian foil kite surfer.
Sponsored by F-one/Manera.

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