Oskar Johansson

Oskar Johansson

Pro Rider

2 months ago

Just after his incredible performance at the M20 event in Hawaii, Liam and Freddie finally had a chance to set a date with Oskar Johansson.…

2 months ago

Oskar Johansson shares a live review of Armstrong Foils' latest pump foil! Gear used: APF 1675 220 Glide with red shim 60cm fuse 865 Performance…

3 months ago

Oskar Johansson is testing fuselage lengths and paddle sizes to understand how they affect the paddle up straight from the Dam!

5 months ago

Oskar Johansson is back, and this time, he's testing the new Armstrong performance mast lengths and how they affect flat water starts for downwinding. All…

5 months ago

Oskar Johansson puts Armstrong Foils' MA800/795 performance mast/60cm fuse/Speed 180 tail with blue shim through its paces!

7 months ago

Oskar Johansson gives us a LIVE review of the new Armstrong Foils downwind board!

9 months ago

Zane Westwood & Jeremy Wilmotte head out for an 83km foil downwind on their Armstrong Foils 6'1 85L prototype downwind board, HA1125/60cm fuse/HA195 red shim/795…

9 months ago

Raw & uncut, watch Oskar Johansson's session on Armstrong Foils MA800, WKT109, 85cm A+ mast, 60 fuse and HA195.

10 months ago

Oskar Johansson gives us a live review of the Armstrong Foils mid-aspect (MA) foil range! Any questions? Let us know in the comments below! Riding:…

11 months ago

Oskar Johansson reviews Armstrong Foils' 5'11 DW prototype board, 795 Performance mast and HA1125/Crisp OG 333 rear wing/60cm fuse in his latest vlog!

1 year ago

Oskar Johansson has just done the unthinkable...he stayed on foil at the same break for 2 hours 46 minutes 19 seconds! It’s pretty much unbelievable!…

1 year ago

RAW and uncut, Oskar Johansson shares a prone foil session on his Amstrong Foil HA 725. Gear used: Armstrong 4'0 FG wing surf - 6.5…

Issue 16

Oskar played an integral part in the creation of the Armstrong Downwind SUP. We caught up with him to find out all about the process and how his foil obsession progressed to a downwind obsession.

4 months ago
Issue 11

Jack Galloway gets in touch with Oskar Johansson to find out all about his epic YouTube vids, unreal flight time & downwind SUP foiling.

2 years ago

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