Annelous Lammerts

Annelous Lammerts

Pro Rider

6 months ago

Do you wear a harness when you wingfoil? Let us know in the comments below! Should you use a harness when you go wingfoil? The…

10 months ago

Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of product design or growing the communities around the world, we have one have fun. Cabrinha is more than…

2 years ago

In Episode 6, Annelous and Alby talk about 3 basic tricks you can do wingsurfing. Got a question about anything in this episode? Then drop…

2 years ago

In episode 2, Annelous Lammerts and Alby Rondina give you the top 10 tips to get your gear ready, onto the water and up and…

2 years ago

Want to get into wingsurfing? Then we've got just the series for you! Cabrinha's new guide to wingsurfing takes you from your very first steps…

2 years ago

What makes the Macro so incredible for wing foiling is it's quick to fly platform.  Cabrinha has optimised the volume distribution to put the float…

2 years ago

Join Annelous Lammerts behind the scenes of the Cabrinha 00 Collection photoshoot in Lake Garda, Italy. They were shooting the brand new Crosswing X2, new…

2 years ago

Annelous Lammerts scored a super fun wing foil and a tow-in session on her surf foil after a windy and sunny Cabrinha demo weekend... with…

Issue 6

Stunning images with nowhere else to go, feast your eyes on some pure ocean indulgence right here.

2 years ago

Dutch pro kiteboarder

2019 Triple S Champion
KPL Champion
4th place freestyle World Championships
European Champion
Dutch Champion

Riding for Cabrinha & Brunotti

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