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6 days ago

Welcome to the Manera team, Justine Dupont! Justine is an energetic waterwoman, both versatile and a specialist. She's the surfer who broke all the records;…

1 week ago

Jacob Victorin's Under the surface - Take a 2 min break, and watch this!  

2 weeks ago

Brendon Gibbens joins the MANERA crew! Brendon became accomplished in professional surfing in a humble and pure manner. With a deep love for South Africa and…

3 months ago

Here's one for the books, so you better get this one on the big screen! 23 years of trying out new things, 18 years of…

3 months ago

Check out the full video about Remi's adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia where he was the first man who surf foiled The Bono wave (or Seven…

2 years ago

Paddleboarder and kitesurfer Paul Serin explain how he was knocked out for a season due to a pretty bad knee injury. He took the hit,…

2 years ago

Sweet edit! May 2018 be filled with fantastic conditions! Wishing you all the best for 2018

2 years ago

This is one of those edits that makes you want to hit the water ALL winter, no matter the weather. Inspiring stuff from Manera. Watch…

2 years ago

This is a high quality production not to be missed. Kiting, surfing and SUPing on a remote Island off the coast of mainland Canada. What…

3 years ago

It's coming, the unmistakable tidal wave of SUP foiling seems to be taken over, the riders are getting better and what looked like a fringe…

Issue 1

Billy Ackerman makes his regular pilgrimage to Punta San Carlos in Mexico, a spot that offers a multitude of waves to play on right out the front of the remote camp based there.

4 years ago

We've got your back in the storm and we make sure you can remain there until you've had enough fun. #StaySalty We all have one passion in common: the ocean as our playground, the waves and the wind being our favorite distraction. Everybody lives it their own way, every day, at all the spots on our planet, trying to be on the water whatever the conditions. 2012 Outdoor and sporting goods company £££

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