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4 weeks ago

Tom Constant now spends most of his time in full flight, whether he is on the water or in the air. Local from the South…

1 month ago

When a massive swell showed up in the forecast, just in time for the World Surf League's Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge, all eyes were on…

1 month ago

Saturday session on the F-ONE Swing 6'0, Rocket wing 5'0 * 50 litres and Gravity 1800 F-ONE Foil; enjoy the ride!

1 month ago

MANERA was founded so that demanding people can make the most of the time they spend on the water, without getting cold or feeling uncomfortable.…

2 months ago

The 2020 Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge ran in massive waves and provided non-stop action for six hours straight, showcasing the best big wave riders in…

2 months ago

A pure product of Tasmania, Dion creatively develops his surfing skills. A real passionate, he won’t shy away from a 2-feet onshore session, and his…

2 months ago

This is crazy! While there's nothing they can do on land that ultimately compares to handling a wipeout on a 50-foot + wave at Jaws…

2 months ago

MANERA are proud to announce that Matthieu Aguirre, a pure product of the Basque country, enter into Manera team! Equally at ease when surfing, foiling,…

2 months ago

The Gossuin Brothers surf foiling small waves - can you guess the spot? Credits: @gossuinbrothers

2 months ago

Sunset Swing session with the Gossuin Brothers. Credits: @gossuinbrothers

2 months ago

Fred David joins the MANERA crew! He is world bodysurfing champion and the standard he has achieved in the sport needs no further proof. Fred…

2 months ago

Welcome to the Manera team, Justine Dupont! Justine is an energetic waterwoman, both versatile and a specialist. She's the surfer who broke all the records;…

Issue 1

Billy Ackerman makes his regular pilgrimage to Punta San Carlos in Mexico, a spot that offers a multitude of waves to play on right out the front of the remote camp based there.

4 years ago

We've got your back in the storm and we make sure you can remain there until you've had enough fun. #StaySalty We all have one passion in common: the ocean as our playground, the waves and the wind being our favorite distraction. Everybody lives it their own way, every day, at all the spots on our planet, trying to be on the water whatever the conditions. 2012 Outdoor and sporting goods company £££

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