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4 years ago

Horror show at Skookumchuck! Can you imagine getting pulled down by a whirlpool and spun around until you almost pass out? That's one of the…

4 years ago

Yes Dave. This guy has taken our sport from something slightly weird and playful on a small surf day to one of the biggest watersports…

4 years ago

Mr Kalama of Imagine surf talking you through the most important stage of your paddle stroke. Watch it, he probably knows more than you...

4 years ago

Bit of everything in here, SUP, Kite, Windsurf. Stunning locational video from NeilPryde showcasing their various wetsuits with a lovely back drop. They sent a…

4 years ago

Dave Kalama talking us through the options available to us when looking at buying new or used SUP boards. He uses Imagine boards to guide…

4 years ago

In the Final episode, the crew arrives in Fiji, makes their way to Namotu Island and proceeds to surf perfect waves. Every Day. All Day.…

4 years ago

Episode 2: More from Dave's world as he talks about SUP Raceboard design for Imagine and in a last minute decision, Jamie Mitchell decides to…

4 years ago

Imagine Surf have been developing a new concept in inflatable board valves. This safety feature is an automatic air pressure release valve. This solves the…

5 years ago

Dave Kalama walks us through the features and design notes of the Crossover XT. A premium epoxy molded versatile board in an affordable construction to…


Our fans don’t just wait for an extraordinary day outdoors. They make one! Welcome to the place where Imagine Surf fans gather to share the best of their outdoor life.. At Imagine Surf, we don't just make paddleboards, we make paddleboarders! Helping spread and share the stoke of paddleboarding is what we do. Dave Kalama designs and rich waterman heritage guide our brand identity in everything we do. For Inquires please contact us directly at 2002 Sport & recreation ££

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