Body Glove Dynamo Rapid 2017 Wing Foiling, SUP and Surf Review

Body Glove Dynamo Rapid 2017

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At A Glance

A household name for many years in the watersports world, Body Glove have a range of water-specific footwear that are ideal for SUP. The Dynamo Rapid comes in a men’s model as well as the women’s version we’ve tested here.

The Dynamo Rapid is something of a hybrid shoe in comparison to some of the others in the range, with a more substantial sole that lends itself to walking and more ‘normal’ use in addition to water-wear.

The mesh upper is synthetic and welded for durability and comfort. These mesh panels not only assist with water drainage but help with airflow when wearing the shoes out of the water on warmer days too. This construction also contributes to the easy slip-on design of the heel area, which is collapsible, yet still retains its shape and support.

The cleverest part of the Dynamo Rapid, which sets it apart as specialised watersports footwear, is the drainage system that Body Glove have design into the sole. As the name suggests, the Integrated Drainage System (IDS) lets water drain out of the shoe quickly, without letting shells, tiny stones or debris in. It also has the added benefit of assisting with airflow and keeping the foot cool – yet another nod to the shoes amphibious qualities.

On The Water

The rubber sole on the Dynamo Rapid lives up to its ‘ultra grip’ claim and is enough to stop you slip-sliding when clambering around on wet rocks at the water's edge. The shoe was ideal when we found ourselves having to trek occasionally on river adventures, wanting to access hidden coastal coves and head off exploring during a paddle.

The IDS performs as promised and water drains right out keeping feet happy, both in and out of the wet stuff, while preventing anything more getting lodged inside.

The Phylon EVA midsole provides plenty of cushioning to give comfort while remaining light and flexible enough not to feel restrictive. The full sole and complete mesh upper create a reasonable amount of protection for your feet, something that’s very welcome if scrambling around on slippery wet rocks.

The neat lace-up design enables you to get a snug fit quickly and easily without the risk of any loose ends causing unnecessary hazards.


An incredibly reasonably priced shoe, with some good features, durable quality, from a renowned brand, all combined in a true hybrid package that looks just as good out of the water on a regular walk as it does when on a paddling adventure. You will certainly get the use out of them, and your feet will thank you for it.

This review was in Issue 3 of Tonic Mag.

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By Mary Booth

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