Airton Cozzolino

Airton Cozzolino

Pro Rider

3 years ago

This might seem a bit obvious however looking after your gear properly really helps extend its life. So make sure you know how to do...

4 years ago

There is no question that foiling continues to bring surfing to the next level, allowing you to take on previously untouched lineups, and catch even...

5 years ago

The fanatic SKY SUP 2020 is out - giving you the longest foil rides of your life The channelled bottom allows it to paddle straight...

6 years ago

This video will leave you awestruck - Check this SUP legend out as he kitesurfs a storm in Tarifa, Spain!

6 years ago

#Mondaysmornings - What better way to start the week than with a 15 min compliance for the best SUP / Surf videos from 2018 so...

6 years ago

This trailer is AWESOME! What's even better is that the film will be free for a week in October on Red Bull TV. Kai Lenny...

7 years ago

Board Porn Alert! Are you looking for a big race board for the upcoming season? Fanatic have you covered with the Strike and Falcon offering...

7 years ago

Summer is almost here, which means it's time for some big SUP action! What better way to spend a lazy sunday than goofing around with...

7 years ago

Who wants to come hang with us on a Mega SUP this year? We all know SUP is the most fun thing you can do...

7 years ago

Yep, that's right... a Pop shuv it on a SUP, passing the paddle behind his back... why? because he can, he's Airton Cozzolino and he...

7 years ago

Airton here shredding on the latest Fanatic gear. The 4 shapes in the ProWave line are limitless and designed for extreme riding to meet the...

8 years ago

We love this video. 2 likeminded and stupidly talented young guys, watermen, paddlers, kiters just hanging out and documenting what is possible on the kit...

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