Kai Bates

Kai Bates

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2 years ago

Some of the best moments captured from a trip up and down the coast of West Australia, featuring Benoit Carpenter, Wesley Fry, Kai Bates, Justin…

2 years ago

After three consecutive days of great waves and amazing weather, conditions made a drastic change with rain, strong onshore winds and unruly 3-4 feet swells…

3 years ago

Kai Bates shredding it on the east coast of Australia!

3 years ago

Watch Kai Bates and his mates chasing some swells in Indo. Love the tune, does anyone know who the artist is? Balian is a fun…

3 years ago

Indulge yourself in this shredfest featuring Kai Bates as he cruises around the island on Oahu on his bicycle and destroys pretty much every wave…

3 years ago

It's always a pleasure to watch Kai Bates ride, the Australian is a bonafide ripper of the highest order and this video showcases his talents…

3 years ago

Woah, it's another stunning edit in Benoit Carpentier's series, this time from Australia, with whales, Kia Bates and right-hand point breaks to die for. Some…

4 years ago

Madness! Kick back, relax and watch Kai Bates as he SUP surfs a wave for almost a mile at Pacasmayo, Peru! Kai tracked his session…


Everyday I am trying to be in or surrounded by the ocean it is my passion. Wether its SUP, Windsurfing, Surfing, bodysurfing... its all good. IG: @kaibates My name is Kai Bates and I am 19 years old. Let me take you back. From the early age of 2 my playground consisted of Winter seasons at the snow (Mt Hotham) and Summers at the beach (Ulladulla). Unknowingly living and learning the freedom of individual sports in natural environments. Having this life style and these amazing environments available to me allowed me to either ski or surf for most of my everyday life and it has become a true passion. Only 3 years ago I was given the opportunity to experience surfing in a complete different style – Stand Up Paddle Surfing! My love for this sport is now as intense as my love of skiing, surfing and windsurfing. With the support of my Family and friends I have been able to pursue this very new sport at the beginning stages of what I see as a futuristic style of surfing. The sport has already grown beyond belief in many overseas countries. Australia is at the beginning of its growth now. Competition in Australia is increasing and I have been fortunate enough to reach an international level being supported by some very positive sponsors for boards, paddles, fins and some clothing. Sportsperson

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