Kai Bates

Kai Bates

Pro Rider

5 years ago

Some of the best moments captured from a trip up and down the coast of West Australia, featuring Benoit Carpenter, Wesley Fry, Kai Bates, Justin…

5 years ago

After three consecutive days of great waves and amazing weather, conditions made a drastic change with rain, strong onshore winds and unruly 3-4 feet swells…

5 years ago

Kai Bates shredding it on the east coast of Australia!

6 years ago

Watch Kai Bates and his mates chasing some swells in Indo. Love the tune, does anyone know who the artist is? Balian is a fun…

6 years ago

Indulge yourself in this shredfest featuring Kai Bates as he cruises around the island on Oahu on his bicycle and destroys pretty much every wave…

6 years ago

It's always a pleasure to watch Kai Bates ride, the Australian is a bonafide ripper of the highest order and this video showcases his talents…

6 years ago

Woah, it's another stunning edit in Benoit Carpentier's series, this time from Australia, with whales, Kia Bates and right-hand point breaks to die for. Some…

7 years ago

Madness! Kick back, relax and watch Kai Bates as he SUP surfs a wave for almost a mile at Pacasmayo, Peru! Kai tracked his session…


Everyday I am trying to be in or surrounded by the ocean it is my passion. Wether its SUP, Windsurfing, Surfing, bodysurfing... its all good. IG: @kaibates

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