Express Your Surf

Express Your Surf

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Puerto Chicama

Guided SUP & Surf trips to the world's best surf spots, suitable for all levels. Take your surfing to the next level with pro instructor Amit Inbar. We are a boutique SUP & surf travel academy, led by Amit Inbar, former olympic wind surfer. . Choose your next dream destination and we will make your dream come true! After many years of surf instruction, our conclusion is that the best way to learn and/or dramatically improve your surf skills, is by going on a surf vacation, which allows several consecutive days focused on surfing. Our instruction is not only in the water, but we also continues afterwards. Each session is filmed (the good waves and the not so good ones too) and then we watch the surf videos of each surfer together. Analyzing them, and learning from them, allowing for big improvements in the next session. The staff is built from surfers who have surfed all over the world, competitive & recreational surfing, with a true passion for connecting people & waves Surfing spot

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