Restube, a young company from Germany, has developed the smallest and lightest inflatable life jacket ever. With the SUP scene seriously waking up more and more to safety this is a product every paddleboarder should take a look at.

Sonni Hönscheid has supported Restube since the beginning. Winning the Molokai 2 Oahu Championship for the third time in a row this summer, she values this well engineered product:

“For more and more races PFD’s are mandatory – Restube is my choice as it’s so small. I just strap it on and won’t even feel it’s there.”

The new “Ultralite Life Jacket” is designed for stand-up paddleboarders (SUP) and boaters. Restube meets their need for a compact device with Coast Guard certification – with the Restube “Ultralite Life Jacket” you can mantain your agility and avoid getting a ticket from the Coast Guard or not being aloud to paddle a local inland waterway.

Special features of the Life Jacket are the LED Night illumination, reflector tape and the whistle on the trigger. Packed with features it comes in at 270 grams. Using the original certified Restube CO2-Cartidges, the German company provides the highest quality rearming kit for the lowest price in the life jacket industry. The D-ring attachment at the belt is ideal to attach an SUP-leash.

To finish certification and start series production, Restube has started a Kickstarter campaign to deliver the first life jackets in spring. Support it now:

Wed 30th Nov, 2016 @ 9:30 pm

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