First up, watch out for the language, second up maybe skip to 1.25 to get to the action, no paddleboarding, but some insane footage of a close encounter with some truly majestic beasts… I think I’d probably let out a little swear too if that was me facing down three humpbacks!

I just had to share this raw footage from yesterday’s magical session. Definitely one of the highlights of my life on the water. After a fun filled weekend at the Rio Vista Grand Slam, the pros decided to do some SF sightseeing. So much for seeing all these pros throwing sick freestyle moves. I was planning to catch it all on film but then this happened and everybody became a spectator of mother nature’s gifts. Wait for it! …..with Arrianne Anna Philip Soltysiak Jason Voss and a bunch of others.

Wed 28th Jun, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

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