With plenty of width in the nose and a flatter rocker than other models in the lineup, the Oceanic is perfect for paddlers of all shapes and sizes. So whether you are a first-timer or experienced rider you will find the Oceanic to be an extremely stable and forgiving board from the get-go! Check it out!

The Waterborn Oceanic is the ultimate flat water SUP and possibly the best looking SUP on the market!

The Oceanic glides along the water with little effort and provides ample buoyancy and floatation with its thicker rails and wider outline. The tail section has been slightly reduced when compared to other flat water paddlers to improve maneuverability and performance while surfing. A durable layer of bamboo has been inserted on the deck and bottom for extra strength and durability.

The Oceanic is our designer board in the Waterborn range that has everyone talking! From its beautiful yet technical water sublimation prints through to its embossed deck pad detailing and precision paintwork; This board certainly turns heads where ever you go.

If you are chasing a beautiful, stable and user friendly SUP that will suit riders of any shape, size or ability you can’t go past the Waterborn Oceanic.

Fri 30th Mar, 2018 @ 12:30 pm

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