Sometimes cold water can be a blessing. Think of Ireland, for example: it holds some of the most incredible barrels, rippable walls and beautiful landscape that you’ll find at any surf destination on the planet. Oh yeah, and there’s an abundance of Guinness. Now, can you imagine how crowded it would be if it had 75 degree water? Every break would look like Lower Trestles.

Luckily it’s cold as hell, and surfers like Justin Quintal, Cody Thompson and Nate Zoller can still find themselves locked into crystal vortexes on the Emerald Isle with relatively light crowds, which is exactly what they did a few years back with filmmaker Ben Weiland in tow. The clip above is from Ben’s latest film, “Coldwater Journal”, which documents his longtime obsession with chasing perfect, uncrowded waves to some of the earth’s chilliest fringes.

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Wed 10th Apr, 2019 @ 12:15 am

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