In collaboration with Sustainable Surf we created this film and story to inspire and remind us all that ancient Hawaiian Wisdom is alive and well – and can show us the way to, once again, respect our oceans, our land, each other, and ourselves, too… By making Pono Choices in our everyday “Deep Blue” Lives.

How do you live a Deep Blue Life?

This video is being posted today, on August 10th, 2019, in honor of #SurfersForMaunaKea and the Protect Mauna Kea Movement that is brining together Hawaiians from all over the world and the islands.

From the heavens to the Horizons, Mauka to Makai (mountains to the oceans), we are all connected!

Directed by Michael Stuart, Matty and Zane Schweitzer
Filmed and Edited by Matty Schweitzer
Narrated by Kahokulea

Enjoy, aloha and Mahalo,
Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

See you on the Water

Sat 10th Aug, 2019 @ 10:15 pm

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