The Next Generation Of E-foils Has Arrived! Introducing The Worlds Most Advanced E-Foil – The HydroFlyer, brought to you by UniFoil. The HydroFlyer is a combination of a motorcycle, hydrofoil, and personal watercraft.

Flying silently above the water at speeds of over 50km/h, the HydroFlyer is the most advanced personal watercraft ever created. The perfect balance of useability, fun, and safety, and with speeds that range from mild to wild, the HydroFlyer e-foil was designed for beginners and professional thrill-seekers alike. The HydroFlyer is a better, easier, and safer way for everyone to enjoy the world’s latest craze, e-foiling. It’s a great time for the whole family – Just add water.

A Whole New World Of Adventure Awaits…

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Fri 30th Apr, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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