Pair of FacePlant Sunglasses

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Pair of FacePlant Sunglasses

Reedin are a relatively new name in the Kite world but being being the brainchild of Damien Girardin and Kevin Langeree there is plenty of experience and passion for performance gear. With the first version of kites arriving last the V2 has just been released and now they join the Wing market with their Superwing and FeatherWing board (more info coming soon). The Wing looks to be strong and powerful with some big windows made of an interesting material that appears to move in a similar to the rest of the canopy. We are looking forward to get our hands on these for a go.

The SuperWing is the result of dozens of prototypes and was designed to provide the most stable and the most power per square meter possible. The design’s objectives focused on stability, power and forward drive, this was achieved thru a specific Arc shape for stability, a stiff frame for direct response and a wing that naturally flairs out in order to fly forward as soon as the wind flows thru. The unique seams construction provides an exceptional control of the profile, tension and stretch of the canopy, making a wing that very simply performs better than any other.

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Fri 2nd Jul, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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