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In case you missed it the first time the Armstrong AWing v2 is here and this clip shows that the team at Armstrong are dedicated to producing top end kit. See more from Armstrong here –

The summer Wing Foiling season in New Zealand was incredible on both the West and East coasts. Wind, epic swells and empty waves for carving up and connecting, has seen Armie riding, testing and pushing himself in the search to improve the A-Wing.

Size for size the A-Wing V2 is powerful! The power delivery is progressive and balanced between both hands which makes riding easy, especially gaining speed to get on the fly or deep water starting short boards. This power also translates into high lofty jumps and great up wind angles.

The A-Wing V2’s stiff airframe reduces sail deformation when highly powered, jumping or pumping the wing for power in light winds. The thick leading edge is not only for structural stability it also defines the nose radius of the aerofoil section which is responsible for generating the power of the wing in flight!

Across a wide range of conditions, the A-Wing V2 is well balanced. The load distribution between the front and rear hand, make it comfortable and less physically fatiguing for long sessions. When riding waves or swells the V2 floats effortlessly on the font handle and feels more manoeuvrable when tacking, gibing or tricking around!

The A-Wing comes complete with carry bag, leash and in five optimal sizes, 2.5m/3.5m/4.5m/5.5m and 6.5m

– Redefined sail tension and seams, improving the loaded section airfoil shape.
– Elongated windows plus added rear window for improved visibility.
– New X-ply power panel laminate added to canopy in Central load zone.
– Aramid reinforcements for protection while reducing weight over V1
– New improved handle construction and attachments for direct feel and control.
– New leash lock webbing strap for load distribution when on leash or being rumbled by waves.
Helicamfilms / Tony Young

FPV: Paul Short
Armstrong Foils produce the world’s best quality modular Carbon Fibre and Titanium Hydrofoil system for all foiling disciplines.
Armstrong Foils is synonymous with high quality hydrofoils, the cutting edge modular hydrofoil systems, featuring interchangeable foil wings, masts and fuselages are produced with the highest quality materials available. Our Carbon hydrofoils are used for surf foiling, wake foiling, kite foiling, tow in foil surfing, big wave foiling, sup foiling, windsurf foiling and tow foiling. The Armstrong foils and board range covers all rider abilities. If you’re looking for an easy foil board, a SUP foil board or the easiest hydrofoil for small wave foiling or downwind swell riding foil we have got you covered! Regardless of where you are or want to go, our modular hydrofoils kits make the ideal travel companion. They are the strongest hydrofoils thanks to our Titanium and Carbon fibre construction. For more info check out
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Sun 1st Aug, 2021 @ 3:30 pm

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