Freedom Foil Boards Techno

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Freedom Foil Boards Techno

Armstrong foils carving freeride CF 800 Foil kit delivers the perfect stability and rail to rail carve-ability combinations. This step with the M85 mast is ideal for freeride kiteboarding or bigger wave surfing.

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Rider and drone pilot! Derry Malloy

Armstrong Foils produce the world’s best quality modular Carbon Fibre and Titanium Hydrofoil system for all foiling disciplines. Armstrong Foils is synonymous with high quality hydrofoils, the cutting edge modular hydrofoil systems, featuring interchangeable foil wings, masts and fuselages that are produced with the highest quality materials available. Our Carbon hydrofoils are used for surf foiling, wake foiling, kite foiling, tow-in foil surfing, big wave foiling, sup foiling, windsurf foiling and tow foiling. The Armstrong foils and board range covers all rider abilities.

If you’re looking for an easy foil board, a SUP foil board or the easiest hydrofoil for small wave foiling or downwind swell riding foil we have got you covered!

Regardless of where you are or want to go, our modular hydrofoils kits make the ideal travel companion. They are the strongest hydrofoils thanks to our Titanium and Carbon fibre construction.

Sat 9th Oct, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

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