Freedom Foil Boards Techno

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Freedom Foil Boards Techno

Armstrong Foil’s Sky Rama puts the HA725 to work at his local, extracting every kilo joule he can from the waves!

The HA725 has the efficiency & versatility to cater for a wide range of riders and genre’s. Sky is over 6 foot tall and making good use of this High Aspect machine in the surf. Sky is progressive with his equipment ideas inspiring our chop shop theme. This time no chopping required for the HA725! The turn radius and pitch stability are sublime! Sleek inflected tips help prevent ventilation even if the tip breaches.

The HA 725 has scorching top end speed capabilities and effortless rail to rail allows you to draw the lines you want with speed and confidence. The HA725 is a weapon and has way more range than you might think of such a small wing. Don’t be thinking it’s only for the lightweights, this little blade brings a smile to the biggest faces too. Just check out Sky on this wing, This foil will push Your progression to the limit !

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Sun 21st Nov, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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