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Freedom Foil Boards Techno

Our journey #5 Know Your Gear – In the latest episode of ‘Beginner’s Guide to Wingfoiling’ – we will look at all the various aspects of gear required for winging and dive into details on various aspects of this gear. Having the correct wing gear when starting out and learning to wing foil is crucial as it will greatly improve your rate of progression.

Winging gear discussed in this video:

0:07 Board Selection
02:14 Leashes
02:55 Straps
03:54 The Foil
04:27 Front Wings
05:57 Foil Mast
07:04 Rear Wing
07:38 Foil Position
08:33 Foil Straps

Enjoy the session!

Fri 22nd Apr, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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