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To harness or not to harness, that’s the question; more and more people are winging with them lately; have you tried one? The all-new Ether Low Back from AK Durable Supply looks the business!

Introducing the newest member of our harness collection, the Ether Low Back Waist Harness.

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The Ether low back is 20% narrower than the Ether waist harness, and features a sliding hook and leash attachment line making it ideal for those looking for a wing-specific harness. Like the Ether waist harness, it features a 3D load plate with soft edges to ensure that there is still a good level of back support.

A lightweight, low profile, waist harness that prioritizes comfort and durability.

By removing all unnecessary padding, seams, and reinforcement, we have created an ultralight harness ideal for riders who travel and have an affinity for minimalism.

Making use of a 3D ergonomically shaped load plate, combined with our Fly-Line load distribution technology, we have been able to build a harness that offers the ultimate back support while being incredibly thin and light.

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Fri 12th Aug, 2022 @ 9:30 am

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