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1 week ago

In recent weeks, Sam Light has been teaching his father how to wingfoil, and to his surprise, he has taken to it surprisingly quick! Join…

2 weeks ago

JD ‘FollowCam’ joins Robby Naish, Julia and Sirena for a fun session at Kanaha Beach, Maui!

2 weeks ago

FULL MOVIE dropping tomorrow... stay tuned!

2 weeks ago

There's nothing better in the world than getting up before dawn and watching the whole world awaken. Katharina Maloun and Danique van Oosterhout spent a…

2 weeks ago

Mark Shinn talks us through Shinn's SF flat stabilisers - These winglet-free stabilisers feature very fine profiling to balance lift and minimise drag. Constructed in…

2 weeks ago

Shinn's Fuser allows a choice of mast positions to tune your foil to your sport and style - Find out more here from Mark Shinn!…

2 weeks ago

Jeffreys Bay in South Africa has long been one of the most fabled stops in surfing. If J-Bay were a tennis court, it would be…

2 weeks ago

Andrew, Jack, Kahi, and Kawika took the foils out to get a piece of the bombing swell that hit the south shore! Conditions were pretty…

2 weeks ago

Welcome to the Gwen and Damo LIVE show Episode 43. Join Gwen and Damien as they go in-depth with the truly sensational Frances Rivera! Frances…