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6 months ago

Namotu delivering...  Adam Bennetts loving every second in Fiji!

6 months ago

Adam Bennetts catching some Namotu lefts last week - What a foil playground!

8 months ago

One for the books - Join Adam Bennetts for a memorable session at the Uluwatu Bombie!

8 months ago

Adam Bennetts just shared a few special moments on one of his runs this last week - clamining to be his best week of down...

9 months ago

Adam Bennetts latest video is well-worth the watch! Launching from the Pass because it was impossible to get out at Wategos with the swell and...

12 months ago

Are you a fan of scoring epic solo sessions? Adam Bennetts's latest edit will leave you wanting to book some flights - guaranteed!

12 months ago

Adam Bennetts takes the new Vayu Aura X 5m wing for a spin and @foilfilms is there, nailing the sickest angles as usual!

12 months ago

Adam Bennetts lucks out into a sizey swell in Ballina and rides some of the biggest waves he's ever ridden on foil... and he just...

12 months ago

World Champion wakeboarder Harley Clifford takes Adam Bennetts for a spin on the Northern Gold Coast - The results? Watch this!