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1 day ago

Join Alan Fédit as he takes AFS Foils EVO 950 foil for a ride!

2 days ago

The best weapon of my quiver so far Axel Gérard - AFS Team Rider Pure 700 V2. The best design to win.

4 days ago

Guy Bridge shares a session on the 7'3 Appletree and 850 AFS silk!

2 weeks ago

In case you missed it, you're in luck! Watch the men's finals from the GWA Wingfoil World Cup 2024 in Tarifa, Spain. Subscribe to the...

2 weeks ago

AFS team riders Alan Fedit and Axel Gerard decrypt the design secrets of AFS Foils latest innovation: the PURE V2 foil range!

2 weeks ago

What better place than the iconic location of Tarifa, Spain, to host the GWA Wingfoil World Cup? Perfect poniente wind conditions - relive the action...

2 weeks ago

Gwen le Tutour shares a chilled light wind wave riding showcasing AFS Foils' Whitebird, AFS Silk 1050, and AFS D-Lite wing.

2 weeks ago

You can relive the GWA Wingfoil World Cup Tarifa 2024 Day Two action here! Subscribe to the GWA for more action:

2 weeks ago

Just a glimpse of yesterdays action...