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1 week ago

Find out about AFS Foils Advanced 's most cutting-edge design: the PURE foil! Available for sale on the AFS website!

2 weeks ago

AFS Foil's Bruno introduces us to the Blackbird, the high-aspect downwind board. Find out more here!

4 weeks ago

AFS - The Foiling Spirit since 2009 - For the next 30 seconds, the AFS Foil crew takes you aboard the WILF, the emblematic wing…

4 weeks ago

In this 13 min documentary, Richard Boudia from AFS Foils introduces downwinding - and how it offers an unparalleled sensation! He also discusses the birth…

1 month ago

The Foil & Co team presents their latest AFS Advanced design: the BlackBird, their downwind-specific board. The high aspect board to enjoy infinite glide Click…

1 month ago

Enjoying the last bit of sunshine, the AFS crew head to Brest (with a stop near Quimper on route) for an AFS day - We're…

2 months ago

Watch AFS's Wilf Wing in action! The new AFS WILF is the latest generation of wingfoil wings. Accessible and efficient, it is suitable for all…

2 months ago

Learn all about the history and development of AFS's new branch: AFS Advanced, right here. To view all AFS products, please click here.

2 months ago

What an edit! The essence of foiling from AFS - The foiling spirit since 2009. Click here to discover AFS Foil's full lineup.