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5 months ago

Join Armstrong Foil's Sky Rama in this cinematic Hydrofoil journey through Hawaiian waters! Shot by @laspeed all in one day, edited and directed by @sky.rama…

6 months ago

The GWA Tarifa Wing Pro 2021 action kicked off early for Day One of the Tarifa Wing Pro 2021, where they completed the entire Women's…

6 months ago

Just a few days before the final stop of the GWA Wingfoil World Tour kicks off in Tarifa! They'll crown both the World Champions in…

6 months ago

In May 2022, Chris Bertish will attempt to be the first human to wingfoil across any ocean, completely unsupported and unassisted. Leaving from California heading…

6 months ago

The locals in Vietnam firing it up every day on their Armstrongfoils!

8 months ago

Check out the Foil Surf Racing League - The first hydrofoil endurance racing contest. Run, paddle, surf, foil, repeat! A foil surfing endurance race in…

10 months ago

We do love a new Armstrong video. Their kit and riders certainly make for a show worth watching. See more from Armstrong here - Maximise…

10 months ago

Have you heard your foil whistling? This video is going to help get rid of that noise and give your set up an even quieter…

10 months ago

The 925 Armstrong foil is truly a high aspect foil. The aim to give the highest performance and not loose any control is the aim…