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1 month ago

Join Jeremy Wilmotte tow foiling with Josh Ku - and needless to say; it was one for the books! I feel like I have learnt…

2 months ago

Lucky kid! Prior to Maui, the waves had been tiny at Jeremy Wilmotte's home spot, and Jeremy's eldest wanted a job! Let's see where this…

2 months ago

On July 30th, Armie Armstrong and team riders Oskar Johansson, Mateo Ell and Aidan Nicolas competed in the 24th Molokai2Oahu World Championships. Join Armie and…

2 months ago

Just after his incredible performance at the M20 event in Hawaii, Liam and Freddie finally had a chance to set a date with Oskar Johansson.…

2 months ago

Sky Rama, Oskar Johansen, Armie Armstrong, Kai Thompson, Aiden Nic and Jeremy Wilmotte head to the famous Guard Rails!

2 months ago

Join Kai Thompson for a SUP downwinder in Maui!

2 months ago

Maui looks like the place to be...

2 months ago

Join the Maui crew for some more followcam downwind action!

2 months ago

Oskar Johansson shares a live review of Armstrong Foils' latest pump foil! Gear used: APF 1675 220 Glide with red shim 60cm fuse 865 Performance…