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6 months ago

Dave and Austin Kalama on an epic Tow Foil Day on Maui, which Alex Aguera filmed from the boat. The footage came out so shaky,…

7 months ago

Zane Saenz talks about how he learned to backflip on his SUP surf foil board with straps! Inspired by Instagram videos of flips by Austin…

9 months ago

Austin Kalama is really getting into this, and already making heads turn with his new moves!

9 months ago

Go Foil riders Austin Kalama and Alex Aguera are loving their new toys;¬†Ozone's Wasp Wing and the Duotone Foil Wing - share your thoughts on…

2 years ago

The Go Foil Gang hits the waves! This video is about some of The Go Foil Gang Foiling to Music by Awolnation song Passion. Film…

3 years ago

There are a couple of things you need to know, firstly Austin Kalama is an animal on a SUP foil, secondly, we're not sure about…