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3 years ago

There is nothing like a bit of big wave carnage to set you up for the day, check out this video from Red Bull featuring…

3 years ago

Yes, that speck on the camera is a surfer! More footage of Jamie Mitchell, Kai and some other serious watermen prone paddling into Nazare. Boom.…

3 years ago

Awesome footage of Mr.Hamilton shredding ocean swell on his tow foil... there's a reason this guys a pioneer!

3 years ago

Nazare BWT final footage. The overall winner was SUP and all round paddle craft legend Jamie Mitchell. Check out his winning wave about half way…

3 years ago

There is some mental footage here on display from a maestro of world chargers... Some experienced watermen are calling this too dangerous a place for…

4 years ago

Pretty cool little video here showing how much weight and force occurs when a big wave breaks. Some pretty rad footage too!