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2 months ago

At Slingshot, we believe foiling is a means to harness the energy of oceans, lakes, or rivers. The wing is simply the vehicle to harness…

4 months ago

In this tutorial, Brandon Scheid explains how to set up your inflatable keel board for Wingsuping. Find the complete course over right here... IT'S FREE!

4 months ago

Sit back, relax and take a trip to Chile with the Ride Engine crew, including Manuel Selman, Brandon Scheid, Jesse Faen, Bryan Metcaf-Perez, Kylie Zarmati…

4 months ago

In this video, Brandon Scheid explains everything you need to know about Wing Foil equipment, including boards, foils, wings and accessories. Make sure you also…

8 months ago

Ride Engine's Downwind Dry Bag has been thoughtfully designed to hold the essentials in case of these unforeseen happenings. Large enough to hold a cellphone, a…

8 months ago

Slingshot's High Aspect Phantasm PTM 701 was explicitly built for speed. At 700cm2, it has a stable locked-in feel that encourages you to push it…

9 months ago

Winging and wing foiling are seeing exponential growth and interest, and one of the questions Slingshot gets the most is: “What type of wing board…

9 months ago

Using the same proprietary data that created Ride Engine Elite Carbon hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber utilises a Structurally Engineered Shell of slightly…

9 months ago

Slingshot's lead product tester Brandon Scheid walks us through the benefits of the new SlingWing V3 Hard Handle Wing. The legendary power and stability of…