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6 months ago

Prepare to be transported to the picturesque landscapes of Chile as the Slingshot & Ride Engine crew, featuring Manuel Selman, Brandon Scheid, Jesse Faen, Bryan...

8 months ago

At Slingshot, we believe foiling is a means to harness the energy of oceans, lakes, or rivers. The wing is simply the vehicle to harness...

10 months ago

In this tutorial, Brandon Scheid explains how to set up your inflatable keel board for Wingsuping. Find the complete course over right here... IT'S FREE!

10 months ago

Sit back, relax and take a trip to Chile with the Ride Engine crew, including Manuel Selman, Brandon Scheid, Jesse Faen, Bryan Metcaf-Perez, Kylie Zarmati...

11 months ago

In this video, Brandon Scheid explains everything you need to know about Wing Foil equipment, including boards, foils, wings and accessories. Make sure you also...

1 year ago

Ride Engine's Downwind Dry Bag has been thoughtfully designed to hold the essentials in case of these unforeseen happenings. Large enough to hold a cellphone, a...

1 year ago

Slingshot's High Aspect Phantasm PTM 701 was explicitly built for speed. At 700cm2, it has a stable locked-in feel that encourages you to push it...

1 year ago

Winging and wing foiling are seeing exponential growth and interest, and one of the questions Slingshot gets the most is: “What type of wing board...

1 year ago

Using the same proprietary data that created Ride Engine Elite Carbon hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber utilises a Structurally Engineered Shell of slightly...