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2 weeks ago

You don't see this every day!

4 weeks ago

2019 KPL Champion, Annelous Lammerts, tries out Cabrinha's Crosswing on the Autopilot 5’2” and the Varial Large foil at her home spot in the Netherlands!

1 month ago

Blake Olsen and Hilary Huffman cruising around on their Lift e-foils last weekend!

1 month ago

In this episode of 'Sessions with Moona', 3x Kite-Surf World Champion and Keahi de Aboitiz take us on a foil session on Cabrinha’s new Autopilot…

2 months ago

Keahi de Aboitiz enjoying one epic session tow-in foiling on the north shore of Oahu in perfect glassy conditions. There's something special about the glide…

2 months ago

Would you give that a go?

2 months ago

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger travels the globe with a legendary windsurfer and pioneering waterman Robby Naish, a 26-time world champion whose quest to master the…

3 months ago

Keahi catches some long rides while slicing some smooth lines somewhere on the East Coast of Australia. The board is a prototype for the JP…

3 months ago

In this new episode of 'Sessions with Moona', 3x Kite-Surf World Champion Moona Whyte takes us on a foil session on the new Autopilot board…