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11 months ago

Clay Island have rigged up a piece of driftwood to jump off of and surf the bumps downwind. The potential of foils seems unlimited right…

12 months ago

Ladder Club is growing. The home made docks for pump foiling are springing up all over the world, turning light wind and no swell days…

1 year ago

Axis Team Rider Mickey Murch takes his 910 foil for a cruisy surf session. Smooth little film this one. 90cm mast, Ensis 4.5 wing Learn…

1 year ago

Wingsurfing under the Golden Gate Bridge! Doesn't get much better than that :) Learn to foil surf video course. Wing Foilers: Jean, Stefan, Alex

1 year ago

Johnny Heineken Wing Foiling in the San Francisco Bay. Riding a custom board, Mike's Lab Foil, and Ozone V2 Wasp 4m wing. Filmed and edited…

1 year ago

The 'Clay Island' SUP foilers have been creating some unique perspectives with their GoPro Max. Attached to the end of the paddle, it makes the…

1 year ago

This is quite the story! Ever wandered how all those GoPro Max filmers keep their cameras from sinking to the ocean floor? Well sometimes they're…

2 years ago

Clay Schmitz captures some of the best foiling he's ever seen - Watch Mickey Murch, Johnny Heineken, and friends, right here.

2 years ago

Billy Ackerman wingfoiling in the San Francisco Bay