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5 months ago

“My first properly successful downwind run. Lake Pier, Hamworthy to Parkstone Yacht Club. The wind was a solid 25 to 30 knot South Westerly….” Riding:…

7 years ago

Tis the season for downwinding! The guys at Blue Planet Surf know a thing or two about catching bumps. Hear they share some of their…

7 years ago

Sonni Honschied sharing two of her passions with us, art and paddling... Nice combination, and also a pretty sweet looking wagon!

7 years ago

The guys that live and surf up in the Northern regions of Denmark call this area Cold Hawaii... They're passionate dudes who don't mind a…

7 years ago

The Gospel according to Kai... he reckons 2-3 years, no one will downwind on a normal board... what are your thoughts people? I've still not…

7 years ago

This is pretty cool. Imagine sharing that glide feeling on a downwind paddle or surf with 8 good pals. Thats what the Hui Nalu Canoe…

7 years ago

The King of the Cut Downwind race in W.A... looking set to become one of the iconic downwinders of the SUP calendar after firmly establishing…

7 years ago

Really cool little documentary on the M2O race that happens on Hawaii every year. Not heard of it? think the Superbowl, Wimbledon or 6 nations…

7 years ago

Some really nice looking gear on display from Redwoodpaddle, in some fantastic locations. Surf, downwind, touring, racing, yoga, whitewater... yeah they got it covered! Good…