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2 weeks ago

This is Urban Wing Skating! Tom Court tests his Carver Surf Skateboard and Duotone Wing up to the roads in some strong wind! It is…

3 weeks ago

Tom Court shares a little recap from 2019 and 2020 it's going to be a big one so stay tuned!

4 weeks ago

So over the last few years, Tom Court has put a lot of effort into learning to Hydrofoil surf and getting the right setup to…

4 weeks ago

In Tom Court's latest episode of #courtintheact, he takes his GoPro Hero8Black out to Fuerteventura to see what it can handle; foiling, surfing, wing foiling,…

2 months ago

If you are still debating whether or not to give wingsurfing a try, then you better check this out!

2 months ago

For all you ocean lovers out there - mark your calendars! The International Ocean Film Tour Vol. 7 is on its way with the best…

2 months ago

It's all about sharing the stoke!

2 months ago

Tom Court ditches his kite for the first time and goes for a foil surfing session at his homespot on #theactiveisland with his new Fanatic…

3 months ago

Robert Pirie takes us for a ride in this one... and a couple of wipeouts too!