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8 hours ago

In the latest episode of ION's Write Your Own Chapter, Clement Roseyro shares his love of the ocean. Clement grew up on the southern coast…

2 days ago

It was an action-packed afternoon of racing at Manly Sailing Club in New Zealand on Sunday 15th May. The MSC was pleased to have 20…

2 weeks ago

The 2022 Freeride/Slalom/Foiling Highlight Clip is a must-see if you love cruising or blasting flat-out across the open ocean! The feeling of blasting over a…

3 weeks ago

Alex Buss 'Kitesurf College (Kite Surf Wing & Foil Tutorials)' just released his latest wingfoiling tutorial, and in this episode, he covers hydrofoil stalling and…

4 weeks ago

Fanatic's new Aero Lift Wing is designed for the easiest access to the sensation of flying above the water with a foil - regardless of…

4 weeks ago

Tom Court just released his latest #FREERIDE vlog from the Isle of Wight. When an unforecast swell hits for the last of the winter storms,…

1 month ago

Check out Yann Rifflet's latest edit from Ibiraquera - the perfect conditions for his 4m Duotonee Unit D/LAB, with the Fanatic Sky Wing 4'7, 45l…

2 months ago

Fanatic 2022Aero Carve Wings have landed! Fanatic's range of mid to low aspect Aero Carve Wings are designed for the ambitious rider looking for direct…

2 months ago

Kids these days! Sebastien Thebault just shared this edit from his kids, Arthur, Mahe and Eulalie winging in Grande-Terre, Guadeloupe! What a crew!