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6 months ago

14-year-old Malo knows a thing or two about how to pop tack - watch this! Give it a shot, and let us know how it…

2 years ago

Loving this GONG SUP trip in Costa Rica teaser!

2 years ago

This SUP surfer makes it look easy and effortless. Check out the perfectly executed nose press 360 about 20 seconds in. Surfing in on shore…

3 years ago

Check out Xavier Leroy getting is cross-step down on the GONG 9'2Pro longboard SUP, these types of boards are the perfect antidote to the small…

3 years ago

Leroy Xavier giving the GONG Curve Pro 90L a going over in France, the waves look super fun and Leroy is ripping as usual! Watching…

3 years ago

Dayum, Leroy Xavier has got some silky skills on a long board! Check him out hot stepping his way around the 9'2 Freak from Gong SUP…

3 years ago

Have you ever heard of the Soloshot? It's a device that FILMS YOU while you ride! You wear an armband and attach a camera to…

3 years ago

You don't have to have a majestic beard to be good at SUP foiling, but it does help with the balance, apparently! When we first…

3 years ago

This guys got some fancy foot-work going on. Check out Leroy Xavier styling it out in small waves on his Gong pro! Looks super fun.