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4 days ago

Damien LeRoy and Gwen le Tutour share insights on optimal foot placement for a smoother wingfoiling experience!

1 week ago

DW SUP Foiling is a challenging sport to learn, which is why Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour are sharing their experiences to help you...

2 weeks ago

Friday mornings like this...

3 weeks ago

Gwen le Tutour talks us through AFS Foils product range with Richard Boudia.

4 weeks ago

Today Gwen le Tutour and Damien Leroy share 3 tops tips to progress wingfoiling. Got more? Let us know in the comments below!

1 month ago

Are you new to wing foiling? Are you struggling to learn how to wing foil? Gwen le Tutour and Damien Leroy share 3 tips for...

2 months ago

Join Gwen Le Tutour as he breaks down the essential technique for getting up on the foil in light wind with your wing foil setup....

2 months ago

Gwen le Tutour shares some top tips to get up on foil in light wind conditions!

2 months ago

Gwen le Tutour is here to share some valuable tips on avoiding common mistakes - Learn from the experts and uncover the right DW SUP...