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2 days ago

A crucial part of your wingfoiling experience is choosing the right board for you, and Damien Leroy and Gwen Le Tutour share a few top…

2 weeks ago

Gwen and Damo are back at it, and the quest for the backflip continues! Did they land one? Find out here.

3 weeks ago

It is essential to switch your feet if you want to avoid riding toeside forever! Whether you do it before or after your jibe, it…

1 month ago

As soon as you complete your first jibe, your next challenge is to figure out how to ride toeside wing foiling. Damo and Gwen share…

4 months ago

The Cabrinha crew, Gwen and Damo's LIVE show Episode 30 is out! This episode goes in-depth on some of the most frequently asked questions. If…

4 months ago

Damien Leroy sending it with Kellen Hall and Gwen Le Tutour in Jupiter, Florida

4 months ago

That feeling you get when you are flying down the line is one of the most incredible feelings. One of the many reasons WING FOILING…

4 months ago

Gwen Le Tutour and Damien LeRoy talk us through one of the major steps in your wing foiling progression: learning how to get up on…

5 months ago

Damien Leroy, Gwen Le Turtour and the crew sharing the stoke and making the most of Florida's gorgeous weather!