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2 days ago

In this episode of Court In The Act Free Ride Vlog, Tom Court teams up with Sam Light and scores a friendly session on the…

2 weeks ago

Walkies! Check out Duotone's Wingfoil Academy's latest tutorial - FREESTYLE – Walk the Dog Tack. The Steps Lift wing up Let wing float Pull leash…

2 months ago

After over 15 years as a professional kiteboarding and now wingfoiling athlete, Czech Paula Novotna claimed her first world title at the GWA Wingfoil World…

3 months ago

Fanatic's new range of Team Edition models – SKY SURF TE, SKY STYLE TE & SKY FREE TE – combine their light and strong premium…

4 months ago

Arthur Arutkin is an incredible waterman, and this video shows off just how good he is across a multitude of sports! It also makes Maui…

4 months ago

What are you waiting for? - ION's Amaze summer styles have arrived! We are the ones who stand out. Our vision is our fuel to…

4 months ago

Stefan Spiessberger talks us through the all-new Duotone Slick SLS - A wing as versatile as it gets! Shot by:

4 months ago

Welcome back to another beautiful day on the Isle of Wight - What a place to call home! Join Tom Court in his latest vlog…

4 months ago

We've all been there. Uncertain, comparing forecasts, interpreting reports hoping to find promising patterns. Optimistically taking our chance, you get to the spot and will…