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2 years ago

Some of the best moments captured from a trip up and down the coast of West Australia, featuring Benoit Carpenter, Wesley Fry, Kai Bates, Justin…

3 years ago

Every day is a new adventure. Your moment is out there!

3 years ago

Mark your calendars and make sure you watch this; the best riders of the Euro tour will get on the waters of Agios Nikolaos, Crete…

3 years ago

Something different. Something unique. Something that stays in your mind. 1:56 of pure awesomeness! Our latest video from our Noir/Blanc series is out now. Featuring…

3 years ago

Kai Bates shredding it on the east coast of Australia!

3 years ago

I'm having mixed emotions towards this video, It starts off pretty awesome then I'm not quite sure what happens at 00:40! What do you think?!…

3 years ago

Wow! Wild camping in the snow, carrying all of your own gear & seeing the Northern Lights. This SUP expedition looked like a serious adventure!…

3 years ago

Magical SUP adventure touring in this edit, wild camping, self-sustainability, and an experience you will never, ever forget! Join Thomas Oschwald as he takes a…

4 years ago

Indulge yourself in this shredfest featuring Kai Bates as he cruises around the island on Oahu on his bicycle and destroys pretty much every wave…