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2 weeks ago

We've stoked to announce - Parallel Sea presents 'Tokyo Rising'; a behind-the-scenes story of Kelly Slater chasing down John John Florence to try and overtake…

8 months ago

Nate and John John Florence at Kelly Slater's pool

10 months ago

While shooting for the movie Done, John Florence, Matt Meola, and Albee Layer had a memorable session at their favourite airwave in Western Australia. Matt…

11 months ago

Every year large swells move the sand up and down the North Shore, creating a search for the perfect sandbar. For John and his brothers,…

1 year ago

Throwback to 2017, Watch Kai Lenny take on John Florence’s sailboat using nothing but open ocean swell, a hydrofoil and his Hurley Alpha Trainers...

2 years ago

You're going to LOVE this! The movie stars John Florence, Creed McTaggart, Dillon Perillo, Jack Robinson, Ry Craike, Taj Burrow, Jacob Willcox and a crew…

2 years ago

Big waves and bigger fish steal the show as sharks force the cancellation of the final event of the Australian leg. Join us backstage for…

3 years ago

You're going to love this! John Florence, Taj Burrow, Creed McTaggart, Jay Davies, and Jack Robinson Slab Hunt In West Oz.

3 years ago

Some epic West Oz drone footage featuring legendary Jack Robinson, John John Florence and Kelly Slater! Filmed and edited by Luke Campbell. You're going to…