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3 weeks ago

While the big-wave “game” may be evolving at a breakneck pace, Kai Lenny continues to push his limits to perform at his highest level consistently....

1 month ago

Namotu, Fiji, is without a doubt one of Kai Lenny's favourite places on Earth. The conditions are incredible for every water sport under the sun,...

2 months ago

Before watching the video, let us know who you think will win! Foil vs Commercial Air Travel Obviously flying is faster but with the airport...

3 months ago

While most are familiar with what a big wave and small wave quiver looks like, have you ever wondered what type of foil is used...

4 months ago

When Kai Lenny posts a video, 'Foil Surfing a Cargo Ship Wave under the Golden Gate Bridge', you know it'll be worth watching! The day...

5 months ago

Kai Lenny foilsurfing his dream wave! One of the best foil waves I have ridden for performance Foiling. From top to bottom on the reef...

6 months ago

Kai Lenny and Caleb's day of surfing turns into an unforgettable fishing adventure in Fiji! With E-Foils and a hand line, they set out to...

7 months ago

This is pretty insane - Watch Kai Lenny Stand Up Paddling Pe'ahi aka Jaws on the North Shore of Maui from the 2014 SUP Movie.

7 months ago

Kai Lenny works with the pioneers of foiling to push the limits of what the hydrofoil can do on water in the latest episode of...