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8 months ago

Legendary snowboarder, Travis Rice, took his Lift eFoil out for a winter ride and proves that any season is foil season!

8 months ago

Blake Olsen and Hilary Huffman stroll through Cinco Bayou in Fort Walton Beach, FL on their Lift E-foils!

9 months ago

Lift Foils innovative folding propeller for the eFoil allows a rider to release the throttle and glide into the swells. The propeller’s two blades rapidly…

9 months ago

Blake Olsen ventures out on his second Lift e-foil session. What was going to be a short session turned out to be pretty eventful! Yesterday…

9 months ago

Blake Olsen and Hilary Huffman's first day out on their Lift E-foils was a banger! Not only was their first experience pretty epic, they saw…

10 months ago

The 2020 Lift eFoil lineup creates experiences for riders, unlike anything else!

3 years ago

What strange witchcraft is this? Forget SUP Foiling, shut up and take our money! This looks totally bonkers and about as close to a real…