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2 weeks ago

JD ‘FollowCam’ joins Robby Naish, Julia and Sirena for a fun session at Kanaha Beach, Maui!

3 weeks ago

It was a super windy summer full of winging for the Maui crew!

2 months ago

It's summertime on Maui, a time of big wind and small bumps, making it the perfect place to wing it!

3 months ago

Maui is in the midst of summer now and although the waves have gone, the wingers are going strong, chasing the wind swell!

1 year ago

At 12 years of age, Maui’s Bobo Gallagher is one of the youngest Watermen on the Island, with a strength and focus far ahead of…

1 year ago

It's Earth week and Zane Schweitzer challenged himself to circumnavigate the island of Maui to see first hand the beauty of it's oceans and coastlines…

1 year ago

The Maui SUP foil downwinders look simply stunning. Hands up if you'd like to do one one day! Dave Kalama Foil Tomo GoFoil DownWind foil…

1 year ago

Back to Winging for the Go Foil team this week! You just can't beat a wingfoil session with friends. #scotmackie #jasonhall #tomo #dantaylor #gofoil #boardridingmaui…

1 year ago

Towing on Maui is just way too much fun...  The Go Foil team shred some mega waves on their foiling gear. Be sure to watch…