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10 months ago

New Nazare record? Let us know what you think! We had over 20 Big waves sessions this year, everyone is hurting, and everyone is broken.…

10 months ago

Watch this compilation of the biggest wave's ever surfed in the world. Swell chasers, Tsunami, Code, Red, Jaws, Teahupoo, Peahi, Nazare, Cortes Bank, Mavericks, Waimea,…

12 months ago

The Beast Awakens - Season 2 is out. In this first episode, Kai Lenny heads to Portugal for a historic Nazaré swell where, in the…

2 years ago

Tom Court lives out one of his dreams and gets to tow foil Nazre. Join him and have a sneak peak behind the scenes at…

2 years ago

Straight from the impact zone, “High Surf Warning” is a fast-paced, fully immersive chronicle of the extraordinary 2020-21 big wave season, the most epic in…

2 years ago

Compilation of the world's biggest waves ever surfed! World record monsters around 60 -100ft rogue waves, largest waves. Biggest wave's ever surfed in the world.…

2 years ago

What is life like in the final hours before facing some of the biggest waves on Earth? Find out on the final episode of Life…

2 years ago

One the most difficult places on earth to surf by paddling-in. Kai Lenny, as always, shows us how it's done! @GoPro #GoPro

2 years ago

Red Bull have put together their best surfing moments of 2020 and it makes for a jaw dropping edit! From Justine Dupont, Kai Lenny, Lucas…