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1 year ago

Takuma's Nicole Boronat & Stephane Etienne go wingfoiling with the TANJI, the CK 50, and the Kujira 750 on a nice Macaronesian swell...

1 year ago

Takuma riders Nicole Boronat and Stephane Etienne share their wingfoiling sessions on the RS wing & CK50 / TK55 & Kujira 980 - Enjoy!

2 years ago

Nicole Boronat & Stephane Etienne wing in Mediterranean paradise with the rest of the Takuma crew! Looks like an awesome spot for it. A NICE...

3 years ago

Nicole Boronat and Stephane Etienne go wingfoiling into strong sandy gusty offshore winds... can you guess the spot?

3 years ago

Stephane Etienne & Nicole Boronat make the most of small waves on their surf foils. Cool little edit this, take a look. While waiting for...

3 years ago

If you're having any doubt whether or not you'd like to try wingfoiling, then you better watch this. Stephane Etienne making it look very tempting...

6 years ago

A fun trip to Canary Islands with Starboard riders Shakira Westdorp & Iballa Moreno. Those waves look like so much fun! Check it out. Also...