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4 years ago

The Maliko models have a legacy of being the best 14-foot open ocean and sprint boards around. These award-winning shapes have garnered an endless collection...

6 years ago

Now THAT'S dedication - 2.5 hours of sunlight, big tides, winter storms; not your ideal starting conditions for a mission. Regardless, it was what Hartkopp arrived...

7 years ago

Last winter Fanatic rider and extreme paddler Thomas Oschwald was in search of the polar light. He paddled alone and without any support on his...

7 years ago

“The Norwegian Orca Survey confirming this as an actual attack on a human, where the whales changed their mind in the last second. First time...

7 years ago

Wow! Wild camping in the snow, carrying all of your own gear & seeing the Northern Lights. This SUP expedition looked like a serious adventure!...

8 years ago

It's not as cold as it could be where you are paddling... Thomas Oschwald explaining some of the gear choices behind his expedition... Brrrr.

8 years ago

Norway doesn't seem to be on everyone's surf radar. Its cold and fickle, but reckon it's worth casting an eye on when the forecast looks...

8 years ago

Sorry to break it to you if you're reading this in North west Europe, but winter is well and truly here. This video is evidence...