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5 months ago

Radical times of the youth. A profile on some of Quiksilver's most exciting groms featuring Rex Hennings, Eden Hasson & Hughie Vaughan They're only small…

2 years ago

Koa Rothman goes into detail about how big wave riders get over their fears when heading out into potentially deathly waves. Get your This is…

2 years ago

A wave pool in the Alps! Now that's a good idea. Mountains and waves. Those two things make up Quiksilver’s logo, and they make up…

3 years ago

Need a dose of surf motivation? Look no further than Rob Pike, a truly inspiring human whose daughter's love of surfing got him out there…

3 years ago

Koa Rothman scored some crazy sandbars on North Shore! These sandbars only last a couple of days after a big swell... so he takes full…

3 years ago

After a year of chasing big waves and getting barreled around the world, Koa Rothman just released This is Livin' The Movie 2.0!

5 years ago

Now THAT'S dedication - 2.5 hours of sunlight, big tides, winter storms; not your ideal starting conditions for a mission. Regardless, it was what Hartkopp arrived…

5 years ago

Doesn’t matter where. Doesn’t matter when. Doesn’t matter who you are or how you do it — nothing feels as good as surfing in boardshorts!…

5 years ago

This vid is guaranteed to get you stoked about surfing! 'Gone Tomorrow' celebrates the power of NOW. Our world moves fast. It goes a million…